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TOP 10 VIZE & BBK Remix Comp Winners

March 14, 2013 CompetitionNews  No comments

After 3 months of hard work and efforts. Breakz R Boss records 2nd remix competition comes to an end. The Top 10 list finalist are in! 

Top 5 will be chosen by Friday the 15th, with Top 2 winners being selected and announced on Saturday the 16th. Thank you and good luck to all the Contestants.


Blacklist Remix

Prajekt Remix

A.S. Beat Remix

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Manion – Street Kids

February 26, 2013 MusicNews  No comments

Manion - Street Kids - OUT NOW ON BEATPORT


Breakz R Boss 70th Digital release shows BRB Contributation to the
140/Future Jungle scene. One we feel the underground will be talking about
for months to come. 4 solid remixes from 2stepbreaks, to nuskool and hard
junglebreaks sounds. Already getting huge support from Billy Blunter &
Vinyl Junkie alone! See what all

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Va – Breakz R Boss REMIXED – Part 1

February 26, 2013 MusicNews  No comments

Va - Breakz R Boss REMIXED - Part 1 (BRB-D69)


This is the 1st of 5 Special Remix Compilations we have planned over the
next 5 months. We set the Bar high on the 1st one. Lots to choose from
this action packed compilation.

1. Vize - Killin Speakerz Ft. BBK (Kyle Cross Electro House Remix)
2. Nastee Nate - Perfect 10

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Vote Breakz R Boss @ Breakspoll!

January 30, 2013 News  No comments

Vote For Breakz R Boss Records & their Artist @ Breakspoll 2013!

**Nominated at Breakspoll 2012 for 'Best New Label.

Breakz R Boss is a fresh Canadian label featuring the sounds of Breakz, Electro, Dnb and Dubstep. Founded & owned by Bass Charger in early 2010 it quickly started gracing all Major Top 100 Breakbeats Charts, helping to put Canadian Breaks on the map!

Breakz R Boss thrives on being largely Canadian Breakbeat producers and supports such acts as Kyle Cross,

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