Breakz R Boss Artist Feature #3 : TRIPWAVE

March 17, 2013 Features  No comments



Winnipeg, MB Canada

“I’m not looking to become famous, I’m only here to enjoy what I’m doing and if it appeals to the masses, then I am truly humbled and overwhelmed.” I chose to write a personality profile for local producer / DJ Tim Woodman, also known as Tripwave. Woodman has spent over 6 years producing in the electronic dance music scene. Growing up, Tim was subjected to the everyday “normal” popular music; Rock, Country, Top 40’s. Being from Stonewall, Manitoba, country music was most predominant. It wasn’t until Tim discovered late night radio with DJ Chris Sheppard on (what was formerly) Q94 FM, and local disc jockeys playing on 91.1fm that he became entranced with electronic music.

Being an avid listener and enthusiast of electronic dance music (E.D.M.), Tim had always wanted to experience an E.D.M. party (or rave as they are more commonly referred to). At the ripe age of 17 he finally had his first chance to go to a rave, held right in his own home town at the local legion. “Literally seconds after I walked though the doors of the party, and saw the huge concert sound system, crazy lighting, video screens, and all the effort put into the decorations and the entirety of the setup… I knew this was my calling. ”To top off the high octane act, producer/performer (Rob Real) from Florida was showcasing his music. It was during his first rave experience that Woodman became inspired to produce electronic music of his own. “All on a big banquet table, he had drum machines, synthesizers, effects, mixers, and he was controlling the music live on the fly. I knew right then and there, that is what I want to do. I told myself, I’m going to do this, I will learn everything there is to know about E.D.M production, and I am going to surpass my idol, Rob Real.”

One week later Woodman financed a ton of gear from Long & McQuade in hopes of one day surpassing Rob Real. This is how Tripwave first started. “I didn’t always have that name”, Tim added, “In fact, I have changed aliases several times throughout the years. ”After years of study to produce music, Tripwave’s sound improved significantly, however he was still unsatisfied with the final product. Tim slowly lost interest in becoming a music producer. “Eventually life got in the way; I became more focussed on my broadcasting work and videography business, thus hampering my goal of becoming what I wanted to become.”

Years passed, and Tripwave kept being persistent. Tim was still unsatisfied with the music he was producing, but he remained optimistic and kept an open mind. “I truly think that has helped, and has made me come along way since I first started. I found the key to writing good music is keeping an open mind.” After years of trying to refine and perfect his sound, Tripwave has finally achieved his goal of being signed to a label. Tim is currently signed to Breakz R Boss Records. “All this time of producing electronic music, I never had any aspirations of being signed to a label, but my persistence and open mind paid off. I hope as my knowledge with the craft increases, so does the popularity of my music.