Play Moore Interview!

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Play Moore Interview Spotlight

Big up yourself dude! Please tell our fans all about your current release out now or what projects have you been working on lately?
Current releases “Less is Moore” EP  and “Press Play EP” on Kick It Recordings.
Upcoming Releases coming soon Late 2012 to early 2013
PLAYMOORE  –  Jointz (Original Mix) Breakz R Boss Recs.
PLAY MOORE -  Elektric Feen (Original Mix) Sound Perfect Breaks Recs.
MC FREEFLOW –  Time to Come Alive (Farace & Play Moore Remix)
DRBEATS –  Milenium (Play Moore Remix) Sound Perfect Breaks Recs.
EMPHONIC  – Sound Design (Play Moore Remix) Bio Bull Recs.
*I’m also currently working on an Electro breaks original with Rich from Analog to the Future. I have a few more originals I’ve been working on as well. Im excited for whats to come and looking forward to the 2013 year!

1. Are you still into vinyl?
Play Moore: Not currently, Using S4 Rig and Cd J’s.

2.What is your current inspirations for your music production?
Play Moore: 
A. Finding sounds that inspire
B. Just wanting to jam out in the studio.
C. Going home from a bad production show.

3.Describe your taste in music (what kind of music do you /play/produce)?
Play Moore: I play anything that’s a quality tune  from genres such as Breaks, Electro House, Dnb, Glitch Hop, and Dubstep. I’ve also been working a projects from those genres as well.

4.How do you feel about the music industry today? Is it moving forward or was it better before?
Play Moore: I love the industry, new music poping up everyday from new artist, older ones. I’m definitely looking forward for what’s to come in the future.

5.When did you start to get into music production and how?
Play Moore: It all started back in 2008, met up Paul Farace through the scene. We started just hanging out and making tunes and that’s pretty much when I started producing.

6.How do you love to create your bass lines? What do you use for Bass line productions in your tracks?
Play Moore: I love to create my bass lines with a good set of drums and percussion. As of lately I’ve been using Massive and Sylenth for my bass lines.

7.Do you mainly Produce than dj?
Play Moore: Mainly both with a little more on the production side this year.

8.Are you a nerd?
Play Moore: Don’t think I’ve gone full nerd yet.

9.Where is you favorite place to play so far?
Play Moore: So far has been Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

10.What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you while djing?
Play Moore: Someone was in front of the dj both while I was mixing. He dancing like a mad man, and fell  of the stage in to at the big fountain and was soaking wet and lost his grill in the water.

11.What do you do to get out of writers block or are you always inspired to produce your music?
Play Moore: Im pretty good at finding some type of inspiration whether it be from sounds or from a tune I’m listening to. I would have to say if I’m having writers block, I’ll just take a break for a couple of days and then come back to it.

12.How are your ears now? Are they in good condition?
Play Moore: Better than ever! Find them getting better and better every day.

13.List some of your favorite producers (past/present):
Play Moore: 
Past : NIN, Chemical Bros, Crystal Method, Prodigy, Anthony Rother, General Midi,
Present : Access Denied, Far Too Loud, Aggresivnes, Dirty Loud, Pendulum, Colombo, Sub Focus

14.Do you play strictly one genre of music sometimes or do you mix in other genres all the time?
Play Moore: It depends on the place I’m playing or promo mix I’m putting out. I find myself playing Breaks, Electro House, with a little bit of Glitch Hop,  DnB, and Dubstep.

15.Did you ever go to a music school or take classes to learn an instrument and if so do you think it makes your djing any better?
Play Moore: I’ve always been in to music. I taught myself how to play guitar when I was younger. Then after high school got into Dj ing. . Producing has helped out with dj ing, it has helped me see more out side box. And Dj ing has helped influence my production as well.

16.What do your parents think of your music and did they ever come see you at a gig?
Play Moore: They’re elder folks and not really into this type of music.

17. Do you have any advice for aspiring Producers?
Play Moore: Finish it whether you like the tune or not.

18.How do you react to illegal downloads of your fabulous tunes?
Play Moore: Would rather them have the tune than not at all.

19. What does your studio consist of?
Play Moore: 24” iMac / Logic Pro / Ableton / KRK 8’s

20. Any weed in your studio? Or are you guys straight clean?
Play Moore: Definitely, but I always keep to little rips here and there. Its hard to get anything done if you just get ripped right of the bat.

21. What would be your dream track to legally remix?
Play Moore: Chemical Bros – Galvanize

22. What do you think is happening arround the world, are you gonna be ok in 2012?
Play Moore: A lot more than I know haha, But either way I ‘ll be great!

23. Last track…which track would you choose to listen to?
Play Moore: The Doors – Riders on the Storm

24.Tell us some words of wisdom that you live by?
Play Moore: Keep a positive and judgment free life. One love!

25. Shout outs?
Play Moore: Paul Farace, Breaks R Boss Crew, Kamoshun Crew, Vize and Ecohik, and my peeps back in Jacksonville, FL

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