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Justice Vs Simian – We Are Your Friends (DRKWTR Bootleg)


Justice Vs Simian – We Are Your Friends (DRKWTR Bootleg) – FREE DOWNLOAD @ 2000 PLAYS by Breakz R Boss Records


Edmonton, AB Canada
Dubbed by many as the “Breakbeat Ninja”, DRKWTR uses technical tricks and flashy effects to achieve his unique masterpieces. He doesn’t piece a set together as a typical dancefloor dj would and instead uses vocal edits, transitions, genre switching, and tempo changes to tell auditory stories. As a key Canadian producer for Breakz R Boss Records, DRKWTR sets himself apart from other producers with often smooth, funky dark rhythms, intelligent-techno-esque drum lines, glitchy poppy fills, or uplifting and soulful vibes surrounded by atmospheric pads and keys.

His tunes lie heavily on intricate composition and melodic content, and tend to have a life of their own, constantly evolving from begging to end. He has had multiple releases and remixes on various Record Labels from near and afar, and has received play and nods from multiple radio stations and DJs worldwide from artists such as “Lady Waks”, “Kraymon”, “Elite Force” to name a few, and even the legendary artists: “The Crystal Method”. DRKWTR has also knocked out some classy bootlegs which have garnered incredible support and props only days after posting.

With 2 upcoming EPs, and a remix request from “The Crystal Method” underway.., and two nominations at Breakspoll for “Best New Producer” and “Best Free Track”– this Canadian artist has indelibly left a stamp on the world stage. “I simply love what I do.. and I think that shows in what I put forth. I don’t try to sound like anybody else. I don’t want to. I create to tell stories… to inspire, to push critical thinking. I want to make sure you leave my ‘realm’ better off than you were before”